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A 10-Week Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Program


Is your adrenal fatigue leaving you.. 


 It's hard to focus on your health and healing when it's hard to get out of bed everyday, isn't it? 

On top of that, we know you have responsibilites and business to take care of. 


Do you feel like just when it starts to get better, things fall backwards or you end up stuck? Are you tired of NOT knowing what to do and NOT getting the results you want with your health? 


Are you sick of not getting answers? Frustrated with feeling tired all the time and missing out on things in your life? 

Well, we were sick and tired of it too... 

We are sick and tired of seeing smart, outgoing and talented people suffering from adrenal fatigue and not having the health and life they deserve. We are tired of seeing individuals lose their zest for life. We are tired of seeing those suffering from adrenal fatigue so unhappy and hopeless, feeling like they will never get better and having to deal with this condition day in and day out. We are sick of hearing about so many people struggling who don't have CLEAR answers

...so decided to do something about it!  

We are proud to open the doors to our 10-Week Adrenal Recovery Program... 

This is a complete A-Z system for overcoming adrenal fatigue once and for all so you can get your energy and your life back!


  •  Supports adrenal fatigue recovery in a completely holistic way
  •  Blends both medicine, food and mindfulness perfectly
  •  Assumes nothing. Quickly takes you from knowing a little about adrenal fatigue, to knowing all you need to know (and no more) to heal your body and eliminate this condition at the source
  •  Holds your hand through each module and all the other hard stuff, that we all want to avoid like the plague.
  •  Gives you the tools to customize the most ideal recovery protocol FOR YOU.


Seven powerful modules loaded with audios, videos, meditations, how-to guides, weekly Q&A support, protocols, quizzes, checklists, and cheat sheets that hold your hand through every step needed to get all the way to the finish line until you overcome this condition once and for all. 

This program is about giving you the insider secrets on how to get from feeling run down, hopeless, like you're drowning, to a place where you are experiencing great health and high-energy. Where you feel strong and confident and truly happy with your life. 


Week 1 and 2: Harmonize Your Hormones

This is where you'll get a strong grasp of what is going on in your body and why. You'll learn how your hormonal imbalance is behind the symptoms and health issues you are experiencing. In these weeks we focus on education and simple tips and tricks that you can implement right away to help support healthy hormonal balance right away. With knowledge comes power and this section is about providing you with the power to understand what you need to do to break through the chains of adrenal fatigue once and for all. 

Week 3: Cultivate A Healing Mindset

Break through the negative thought cycle that keeps so many stuck. Diet and supplements can take you only so far, and we see this time and time again. We help you address the mental and emotional components of healing that are holding you back from recovery. Once you get this down, everything changes.  

Week 4 and 5: Optimize Nutrient Absorption

In this module, we teach the most common PHYSICAL barriers that hold SO many people back from getting real results. If you don't address these common barriers, you are going to waste so much time and money on your recovery journey. We are going to tell you exactly how to get rid of these blockages and finally optimize nutrient absorption, which will catapult your recovery process. We will give you a delicious and simple meal plan to follow that will heal a leaky gut so you can be a digestive powerhouse, once again 

Week 6: Discover Your Ultimate Recovery Diet

The fun part! This is where we dive into food and how you can discover and customize the ultimate recovery diet based on the needs of YOUR body, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR preferences. We will provide you with amazing resources such as meal plans, shopping lists, and easy, delicious, hormone-supportive recipes.  

Week 7: Sleep in Rhythm

This is where we walk you through our "Revitalizing Sleep System". Which will help you identify the root cause of your sleep issues and what to do about it. You'll learn new strategies for how to get the sleep of your dreams. You will begin to experience deeper and more restful sleep, which will not only allow you to wake up rested and excited for the day ahead, it will speed up your recovery process. 

Week 8: Find Your Healing Movement

In this week, we will take you through our "Mindful Movement System". In this system, we will help you be more mindful of what types of exercise and movement are most appropriate for the particular stage of adrenal fatigue you are in. Together we create a customized movement and exercise plan that is perfect for your body and your lifestyle. 

Week 9 and 10: Transform Your Relationship With Stress

We guide you through our "Chaos to Calm System" where you will discover how to have a healthier relationship with stress and with life. Once you do this you will feel more connected to yourself and to everyone around you. You will have the strategies and tools to slow down your monkey mind and feel more grounded and calm on a daily basis. It will be easier for you to relax. This is so important because if you don't learn how to have a healthier relationship with stress and life, it is just too easy to fall back into the old patterns and habits that got you here in the first place. This module is about giving you the tools to handle life stressors with more ease and grace, without letting them wear and tear the body down, like they may have in the past.

..and to make sure you REALLY do feel supported and guided every step of the way, you'll get exclusive access to the Fatigued 2 Fabulous Online Portal and the Private Members-Only Facebook Community.


We're throwing in these 3 bonuses! 

The Adrenal Recovery Recipe + Portion Control Guide

A 10-Track Guided Meditation Album for Adrenal Recovery

Exclusive Access to our Comprehensive Gut Reset Program

Over 60+ recovery recipes, including coffee alternatives, nourishing broths, tonics, and meal ideas that will combat inflammation and love up your adrenals! 

A downloadable, 10 track guided meditation album that will make it easy to integrate Fatigued 2 Fabulous into your life.  

In collaboration with naturopathic doctors, we have provided natural recovery protocols that you can integrate into your recovery program to ensure all root level issues are being addressed - to help SPARK and further enhance your recovery power!  

Who does Fatigued 2 Fabulous help?

Here's what a couple of our amazing clients have said...

"The Fatigued 2 Fabulous program was a catalyst for me to gain back control over my lifestyle choices and commit myself to the journey of healing myself...  

...The program is full of great information on nutrition, supplements, physical activities, mindfulness, and realistic lifestyle changes you can start incorporating immediately. It changed my life!" 

Tori -Medical School Student

"For the first time, I felt like health professionals were actually hearing what I had to say about my illness... 

  ...After only a few months of working with this team, I was able to work multiple 16-hour days on set as an actress. I even had zero flare-ups. That hadn't happened in YEARS. I was thrilled!"

Stephanie - Actress

"Since working with the ladies and the Fatigued 2 Fabulous tribe, I have completed one triathlon and am preparing for another one... 

...I finallly have the energy to not only get back to running but also be the mother my 2 children deserve and an added bonus I'm connecing more with my husband, I'm so grateful" 

Heidi - Mom + Athlete

How the Fatigued 2 Fabulous Program Was Born... Meet The Heal Your Adrenal Fatigue Team!

Angela Rocchio, Co-Founder + Health Coach

Danielle Zies, Co-Founder + Nutritionist

Dr. Holly German, Affiliate Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Holly German, Affiliate Naturopathic Doctor

If your life has been negatively influenced by the frustration, loss, depression, anger and all the other feelings that go along with struggling with adrenal fatigue, then we want you to know you've found a team of people who get what you're going through. We have also suffered the devastating effects of adrenal fatigue. Our paths to our own recovery led us to the level of specialization and experience we are working in today. 

We are a group of health professionals from a variety of different backgrounds. We have come together as a powerful collaboration to bring you the very best of our unique skills and expertise. 

It was important for us to create the Fatigued 2 Fabulous program so we could help others, like you, overcome this complicated and complex condition.  

The Fatigued 2 Fabulous program is where personal struggle and successful recovery stories, meet expertise and medicine. As a Nutritionist, Lifestyle/Health Counselor and Naturopathic Doctor team, we know what it takes to create REAL lasting health in people's lives, ESPECIALLY for those who suffer from adrenal fatigue and related conditions.  


...and that's when the healyouadrenalfatigue.com community started. We realized there was power in numbers and we brought together a team of experts, with a wealth of different knowledge and expertise in the wellness industry. We came together with the goal of giving people (like you!) the tools needed to change your life in significant ways- whether it be from adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance in general or other health issues.  

We put together a program for tackling stress head on, in a holistic sense, in that it helps you tackle stress on ALL levels. The physical stress on the body, the emotional stress on your mind and even the spiritual stress on your soul.  

You are so much more than the food you eat and the supplements you take. A recovery program that is actually going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, needs to acknowledge that. All parts of you need to be nourished, those parts of you that feel depleted and defeated.  

We're SO ready to pump you back up with vibrant energy, vitality and the zest you've been missing in your life. 

We know that to recover from adrenal fatigue for good one cannot address the physical body alone. It also takes changes in your lifestyle, your mental focus, and the belief in yourself and the power of healing.  

We approach healing in a holistic way, one that addresses the body, mind and spirit. It is with this multi-faceted approach in mind, that we have created a proven step-by-step formula based off our successful recoveries and successful recovery of our clients. And even better than that, we've made it so you can easily customize this formula to fit your body and your lifestyle, no cookie cutter program here because you ain't no cookie!

We are so excited to give you the tools to change your life! We hope to see you inside the program! 

If you are ready for real change in your life, join us on this 10 week transformational journey to better health! 



Pay in full

Payment Plan

A one time payment of $997

3 monthly payments of $397

Fatigued 2 Fabulous is the program we wish we had when we were struggling. 

This program IS for you if...

  • You're ready to get your energy and your life back
  • You're ready to be symptom and pain-free
  • You're sick of struggling
  • You're sick of guessing what to do next
  • You're looking for a proven step-by-step system
  • You want to heal your adrenals naturally
  • You're sick of doing this all alone
  • You want a holistic and comprehensive healing system
  • You're ready to commit to yourself and a better life of great health
  • You're ready to do the work required to recover
  • You genuinely care about your life and want to LIVE IT!
  • You're willing to give this course your best effort, and enthusiastically put in the work knowing that it will GIVE YOU AMAZING RESULTS...

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a cookie-cutter program.
  • You are not ready to fully commit to yourself.
  • You're not ready to make the lifestyle changes necessary.
  • You're not ready to address the emotional and mental components of your condition.
  • You are looking strictly for a medical approach to healing.You aren't ready to work on all parts of yourself.




1. I barely have enough time to get things done as it is - how will I find the time to do this program?  

We know you're crazy busy, and the last thing you want to do is tackle one more thing. But here's the thing - you DO have time. Say what!!? We help you stay focused on all right things, so your efforts aren't all scattered. Also, the way we've structured the program you will spend less time worrying and more time focused and organized in your efforts, doing what really counts to get REAL RESULTS. You have a choice to spend the next few months committing to this program, putting some time in on the front end and in just a few months have recovery waiting there for you and this frees up your schedule big time. You're no longer wasting time and energy feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

2. Are the trainings delivered live? 

Yes and no. Each week, with each new module you will receive access to new information and resources. Many of the trainings and resources are pre-recorded and available within the dashboard as soon as the content is released. However, each week your coaches will be jumping on Facebook Live to provide valuable insights, motiation and doing Q and A's. There's no worry about attending live. No need! You will have access to all the materials as they are released and can access them and dive in, on your own schedule. Even the live stuff will be recorded. 

3. I understand that if I put in the work and implement the systems I WILL see epic results - but how many hours should I be setting aside each week?  

Remember, the goal here is to have every hour you invest in your recovery and in implementing Fatigued 2 Fabulous be fully optimized to give you the BEST RESULTS possible. You're time is precious, we get it. So here's what you should expect-- Roughly, there is between 10-20 hours of training inside the program, broken up into bite-sized trainings that are easy to digest. If you want to see results quickly, we suggest you spend 1-2 hours a week dedicated to the program. Ideally, this would look like 1 hour learning the content and another hour working through the workbook for that module. You likely will spend another few hours away from the content as you work on planning, preparing and implementing it into your own life. You have access to the Fatigued 2 Fabulous Dashboard for 6 months and of course you can save many of the resources for future reference. So if you need to spend more time on certain sections, you can for sure work at your own pace. 

4. I have an autoimmune disease, will this program still help me?

The tools and material we are providing in this program will show you how to adapt to life's stressors more easily. One common concern for those with autoimmune issues is that the immune system is already over active-- you don't want to further stimulate it. This program is designed to help bring the body back into BALANCE on all levels, including in the gut which is where many autoimmune diseases begin. In this sense, our approach to recovery is very safe for those struggling with auto-immune issues. If you're case is complex and you are nervous about implicating any changes, we recommend you work directly with one of our team Naturopathic Doctors to help tailor and customize this program more to your needs to help ensure you get the best results possible from it.

5. I have other health issues and am on various medications, is this program safe for me?  

The short answer is Yes. Many of the changes we discuss in this program are lifestyle and food focused. When it comes to supplementation, we have provided lists of resources and recommendations. However, we encourage you to work with your doctor or one of our team naturopathic doctors to ensure any supplement protocol you do consider is safe for you. As supplements are just one piece of the recovery puzzle, you could omit that section completely and focus on the other areas and still get tremendous value. 

6. I've struggled for years and tried so many things, how do I know this program is different?  

Firstly, we are a team of experts specializing in this condition. We have naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, stress-management, behavioral and lifestyle coaches within our collaboration. We've been there, we've healed from stage 3 and we're now showing others, like you, who are struggling the steps required to help you do the same. A lot of the time what you get are people focusing on one or a few modalities of health and not all of them in their holistic entirety. This is key to getting over AF once and for all. Often times there are barriers holding people back from recovery, our specialty is helping you acknowledge and face those barriers, and providing you the tools needed to break through them along with a clear plan and protocol for doing so. 

7. I really feel this is right for me, but what if I can't afford it right now?  

We totally get it, we've been there. I don't know about you, but looking back we remember spending thousands of dollars on our healing journey. Between all the different supplements and working with different practitioners and specialists to get answers, it can get expensive. Trying to get answers when you're struggling with adrenal fatigue can be draining not only on your already limited energy, but also on your bank account. We are trying to make this program as affordable for you as possible and that's why we created the payment plan, so you don't have to bite off more than you can chew at one timeā€¦ to make things easier to digest (we told you we care about your gut health ;). We don't want you to waste your precious time and hard earned money for years, like we did. That's why we've brought together an awesome team of professionals to provide you with all the tools you need in one place, so you can get results quickly. This program will actually save you money.